Android Developer

Android Developer

Price : ₹30,000.00

Offer Price : ₹20,000.00

Estimated Hours : 60 HOURS


  • Businesses today are turning to mobile apps to expand their strategies to tap a higher customer base.
  • With over 86.8% share, Android OS dominates the mobile app development market.
  • Leveraging the benefits of Android application development is, therefore, a necessity for organizations.
  • In Fact, Google Play store has over 3.2 million applications, and the number is progressively increasing each and every day.
  • It is expected to surge even further in the coming years.
  • Among the multiple platforms available for mobile app development,there is an overwhelming acceptance for Android over iOS, Blackberry, and Windows.


  • Android Developers design apps to be used on smart phones that utilize the Android operating system (OS). A number of apps can be designed for use on mobile devices such as interactive games, media players, navigation software
  • The main responsibility of an Android Developer is to develop applications for devices that are powered by the Android operating system. In addition, an Android developer must pay special attention to the application’s compatibility with multiple versions of Android and device types.
  • In order to attract Android Developer that best matches your needs, it is very important to write a clear and precise Android Developer job description.
  • As more and more people use smart phones, the need for high-quality Android Developers becomes more vital than ever. People in this profession are responsible for developing apps on phones so that the device possesses increased functionality.


Through this course, you can get the experience in developing mobile apps and can get opportunities like Mobile Application Developer, Software Engineer, Android Developers, Java Developers.

Course Curriculum

Programming Revision: Java fundamentals to be revised – to be an Android developer, your basics should be clear. Android Overview

  • Android: Activities, Content Providers
  • Intents, Services, Storage, Network, Phone services
  • XML Layouts, Widgets
  • Permissions, SQLite, JSON, HTTP Requests (Volley ,Retrofit) , Php ,Mysql
  • Google Play Store and a lot more.


Before proceeding with this tutorial, you should have a basic understanding of any Programming Knowledge. Familiarity with SQL will help you learn it very fast