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Functional programming is becoming increasingly widespread in industry. This trend is driven by the adoption of Scala as the main programming language for many applications. Scala fuses functional and object-oriented programming in a practical package. It interoperates seamlessly with both Java and Javascript. Scala is the implementation language of many important frameworks, including Apache Spark, Kafka, and Akka. It provides the core infrastructure for sites such as Twitter, Tumblr and also Coursera.



  • Program in Scala, Understand Scala’s approach to object-orientation
  • Master the use of functional programming techniques in Scala
  • Understand how to perform TDD (test-driven development) using Scala
  • Manipulate XML in Scala
  • Write concurrent applications that are thread-safe



Computer professionals, students, technical people, C and C++ professionals, java professional and mainly Hadoop professionals.



Basic programming knowledge like C, C++, Java.


  • Introduction
  • Scala Basics
  • Control Structures & Functions
  • Classes & Objects
  • Advance Features Of Scala
  • Data Structures & Collections



  • After completing of this course one can learn or understand Spark very easily.
  • Can easily switch career into Spark big data.
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