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MySQL is a popular choice of database for use in web applications, and is a central component of the widely used LAMP open source web application software stack (and other “AMP” stacks). LAMP is an acronym for “Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Perl/PHP/Python.” Free-software-open source projects that require a full-featured database management system often use MySQL.


In this course you will Design a database from scratch so that you understand the thought process that goes into such a design. We will then bring in the basic skills of SQL and give you example upon example of how to use this skill while building on those basic skills adding in more technique and more difficulty until they become more advanced. You will learn a skill that even you average DBA doesn’t do properly.

  • SQL Statements.
  • Views.
  • Stored Procedures.
  • Triggers.
  • User Defined Functions.
  • And a lot more!

When you are done with this course, you will be able to walk into a interview with a calm confidence and show them that you know what you are doing and apply these skills to build the database back end for an application that will stand the test of time.


  • If you have ever wanted to understand databases you should take this course.
  • If you want to know how to speed up Queries you should take this course.
  • If you have never seen a Database You should take this course.


This course doesn’t require any prior programming knowledge. Basic computer science knowledge will be enough to get started with this course.


  • Design a Complex Database For Any Line Of Business Application.
  • Be Able To Write Complex SQL Statements.
  • Be able to manipulate a massive amount of data in milliseconds.
  • Understand what a Relational Database Is.
  • Understand Primary and Foreign Keys.

Projects Opportunities:

Technology(Open Source, Hardware & Software), Mining & Natural science, Media & Entertainment, Construction, Education, Financial Services, Biotechnology etc.,


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