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Informatica Power Center is an ETL tool with visual interface to drag and drop different objects(transformations)  and design process flow diagrams(mappings) for data extraction transformation and load. Mapping are scheduled to run as and when required. Fetching of data from source, transforming and loading to external  systems(Systems/Databases). Power center can communicate with all major data sources like mainframe, Big Data, RDBMS, Flat Files, XML, SAP, Salesforce etc can move/transform data between them. Informatica can effectively integrate heterogeneous data sources & converting raw data into useful information.


  • Use Informatica Designer to build mappings that move data from sources to targets.
  • Understand workflow task and job handling.
  • Perform troubleshooting, error handling and recovery.
  • Use Informatica Powercenter ETL tool in real time projects.
  • Implement performance tuning methodology including performance counters, thread utilization, source, target, and integration service bottlenecks, and the impact of the update-else-insert setting.
  • Use PMCMD and PMREP command-line functionality.


  • Software developers
  • Analytics professionals
  • ETL or Data warehouse professionals
  • Graduates who wanted to enter IT field
  • Mainframe developers and architects.


  • Thorough working knowledge of SQL, Unix, especially functions, joins, sub queries etc in SQL.
  • Knowledge of PL/SQL is also recommended, but not mandatory.

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