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Informatica B2B

Informatica B2B


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Business-to-Business (B2B) Gateways integrate data from back-end systems enabling information exchange across trading partners. B2B Gateways also provide a centralized point for transformation of multiple data sources through interoperability standards such as XML, cXML and EDI. B2B Gateways provide businesses an e-commerce platform for integrating with key suppliers and customers quickly and easily. The platform often is a component of a company’s Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) architecture. Other capabilities of the B2B Gateway include trading partner management and security control. B2B Gateways help to bridge the collaboration gap across the supply chain partners and transform the data flow between companies from a batch oriented manner into a real time process. This streamlines the processing and enables for business activity monitoring(BAM) systems to be implemented which provides the enterprise with greater visibility and pro-active control over the applications. B2B Gateways continue to be in high demand for organizations of every size.


The course aims at enabling the attendees to have a good design and development experience on Informatica B2B, using the Data Transformation Studio. Informatica solutions for B2B data exchange offer a comprehensive management and monitoring environment that allow organizations to aggregate, exchange, and share data. The solutions provide universal transformation for all data formats, including unstructured data, industry standards data, XML, and proprietary formats.


Those who want to pursue career in Data Transformation.


Basic knowledge of Informatica.

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