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Microsoft introduced Dot Net programming concepts in the year 1999. Dot Net contains a collection of languages like VC#.Net, VB.Net, VJ#.Net, VC++.Net, ASP.Net (specification)…etc. All the Dot Net programming languages works based on a common platform called Dot Net framework. It provides an Environment for building, deploying and running web services and other applications like Console applications, Windows based applications, Web sites. It is a Common architecture for all .net programming languages.


  • Supports platform independent concepts
  • Supports language independent concepts
  • Supports language interoperability concepts
  • Supports pure OOPs concepts
  • Supports to develop background processes with the help of windows services
  • Supports to work with databases with the help of ADO.NET
  • Supports to develop 3-tier architecture with the help of Dot Net remoting
  • Supports to develop game programming with the help of multi-threading
  • Supports to work with link programming
  • Supports to work with WPF for developing animations


Computer professionals, students, technical people. Also for, who want to learn .Net.


Knowledge on C and C++ programming.

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