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SAP BI (Business Intelligence) is the Core module in SAP which integrates all your corporate information so you can easily turn information into insight, insight into action and action into improved business operations. It allows organizations to access the Total wealth of information available over the Internet, transfer it, and use it in business decision making. This interpreted information places a Key importance to the success of an organization.

SAP Business Intelligence (BI) means analysing and reporting of data from different heterogeneous data sources. It allows you to acquire data from multiple data sources, data staging, which can be further distributed to different BI systems. A SAP Business Intelligence system can work as a target system for data transfer or source system for distribution of data to different BI targets.

This is a simple tutorial that covers the basics of SAP Business Intelligence and how to handle its various other components.


  • SAP implementation is a very complex process and requires adequate knowledge and training on the subject to attain the maxim benefits. …
  • SAP training helps one to gain expertise in software and programs that run them along with SAP modules.
  • SAP builds a strong technical support for organization


This tutorial is prepared for those readers who wish to learn the essentials as well as the enhancements of SAP BI and bring it in practice.


This is a simple tutorial and the concepts explained here can be easily understood. The readers should have a good understanding of data warehousing concepts as it is very important. Also, it will certainly help, if you have ample business knowledge on various application areas and a little experience of ABAP Language.

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Course Curriculum

SAP Netweaver2004s overview
SAP Netweaver2004s overview 00:00:00
Enterprise Data Warehousing – Data Modeling
Enterprise Data Warehousing – Data Modeling 00:00:00
Enterprise Data Warehousing – ETL
Enterprise Data Warehousing – ETL 00:00:00
Enterprise Data Warehouse – New concepts
Enterprise Data Warehouse – New concepts 00:00:00
New Data Flow concepts in Netweaver 2004s
New Data Flow concepts in Netweaver 2004s 00:00:00
Enterprise Reporting and Query Analysis
Enterprise Reporting and Query Analysis 00:00:00
BI Performance
BI Performance 00:00:00
BI-Integrated Planning
BI-Integrated Planning 00:00:00

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